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Ice Driving – Levi

Up inside the Arctic Circle is the resort of Levi, Finland. It's very popular with winter sports enthusiasts, but there is no winter sport more fun than sliding Porsches around in the snow. This particular adventure is provided by Mr Le Mans himself, Tom Kristensen and ‘Spirit of Speed’

In early 2022 we were tasked with supplying promotional images for Spirit of Speed by Tom Kristensen

Temperatures of minus twenty degrees arent the easiest to work in, especially holding metal camera equipment. But the weather was unseasonably warm for this event. The organisers had to switch the whole event to run at night time and make the most of the colder temperatures. The job started at 1 am every day and ran until lunchtime. Being able to shoot in the artic circle whilst the sun rises was something quite special.

Clients :

Spirit of Speed by Tom Kristensen

Location :

Levi, Finland


Gary Parravani